• 2016 CSA Season – What’s in the Shares: Week 19, April 27th/28th

    Click the headline above to see What's in the Shares for the 19th Delivery Week of our 2016 CSA Season.

  • Climate-Friendly Farming at Live Earth Farm

    California Climate & Agriculture Network (CalCAN) recently completed a case study on our farm.  “You would be hard pressed to find a better model of biodiversity and climate resilience than Live Earth Farm,” was their conclusion.  Click the headline above for a PDF of the full profile.

  • Bats & Pest Control at Live Earth Farm

    Elissa Olimpi, a PhD Candidate in Environmental Studies at UCSC, has been researching bats as pest control on farms along the Central Coast for the past few years.  Click the headline above for a PDF of the bats she has indentified on our farm.