Here are links to answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for all our CSA Policies

How do I edit the contents of my Share?

Click here for instructions for making changes to the contents of your Share

How to I schedule a Delivery Hold?

Click here for instructions for placing a Delivery Hold

How do I change my Pick-up Location?

Click here for instructions for changing your Pick-up Location

How do I cancel my subscription?

Click here for our Cancelation Policy

How do I Donate my Share?

Click here for instructions for Donating your Share
(the instructions are contained within the ones about changing your Pick-up Location)

What boxes and containers does the Farm re-use?

See our Pick-up Protocol for answers – you need to scroll down toward the bottom to reach them.

We’ll continue to update this page as often as we are able. In the meantime, answers to most of our members’ Frequently Asked Questions can be found in our CSA Policies and our Pick-up Protocol.  Please read these, then email the CSA office at farmers@cruzio.com if you still have questions or need more clarification.  Thank you!