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As part of our overall goal of making as direct a connection as possible between you, the community, and where your food comes from, nearly all the vegetables and fruits available for our weekly Shares are grown in our farm‘s fields and orchards, which are organically and sustainably farmed by us, your farmers (certified organic by Global Culture).

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Our Weekly Shares

Choice Share – minimum $25

Our Choice Shares offer the flexibility of receiving pre-selected contents with an average value of $25 while having the ability, if you choose, to edit the contents to receive more of the items from our weekly harvest that you want and less of the ones you don’t.

A Share will typically contain 8-11 pre-selected items.  Share contents can be edited based on availability with no maximum value.  Minimum value a Share can be is $25.

If you do not make changes to your Share, you will receive the pre-selected contents with an average value of $25.

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Additional Options

Please note: additional Options are not available à la carte – only as additions to a Share subscription

Companion Bread Option – $6.00 per week

Get a loaf (or more than one!) of freshly baked artisanal sourdough bread from Companion Bakeshop in Santa Cruz each week with your CSA share. Companion’s bakers use their own “Santa Cruz” sourdough starter, all organic ingredients, hand-mix all their dough, and hand-shape all their loaves. Made from only flour, water, salt, and whatever seeds are added, the bread is a rustic European style and comes in a few simple combinations, all equally delicious, fresh-baked the morning of delivery.

Extra Fruit Option (Main Season ONLY) – $15.00 per week

This Option adds an average of 4 additional fruit items per week to the pre-selected contents of your Share.  The types of fruit evolve slowly over the course of the season, starting with our fabulous strawberries in the spring (strawberries most of the season, actually!), then moving on to include plums, apricots, blackberries, raspberries, and cherry tomatoes through the summer, and apples (4-5 different varieties), delicious concord grapes, Meyer lemons and pineapple guavas in the fall and winter. What you receive depends on what’s ripe when and, of course, crop yield. Occasionally we supplement our fruit offerings with fruit from other local, organic growers; for instance, avocados and kiwis.

NOTE: the Extra Fruit Option is for 20 weeks during the peak fruit harvest – it starts in mid-May and ends the beginning of October.

Pastured Eggs

We do not offer an Option for eggs from pastured hens.
Instead, we’ve partnered with local egg producer Pajaro Pastures, and offer their eggs on a week-by-week basis.  The eggs can be added to Shares as part of the editing process.
We also recommend eggs from
Fiesta Farm  and  Pasture Chick Ranch

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